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John F. Kennedy on civil rights

JFK was that nigga before Clinton was that nigga & before Obama who is currently that nigga.

admire this guy

telling straight like it was.

Post-racial people should probably consider the fact that if Obama (or even a white president) said this today (replace segregation, etc, with police assassinating Black men in terrifying numbers, etc), he’d be fucking crucified.

Racism is inseparably tied to American Exceptionalism, to the US itself, and it’s still anti-American just to admit that.

But this isn’t a JFK quote that’ll ever make it into a US high school history textbook so -shrug-

Eh. It’s all fine and well for him to say, but… it was just words. He never did a fucking thing for Civil Rights except actively piss off enough Senators that they wouldn’t even bring the rights bills to a vote.

He didn’t care enough to make it happen, it was all lip service. Also, JFK very much cast the situation as a thoroughly Southern problem. He didn’t give a shit about systematic but less visible oppressions, the kind that never made the press the way Jim Crow did.

Not that the references to the quote and it’s relevance now are off the mark at all, but I hate when he’s portrayed as someone who actually gave a fuck about PoC in anything but the most distanced of terms. 

JFK > 

But at any rate, I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever “truly” be free.

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