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Hey! My names Esosa too! Sorry this is random but I just don't know a lot Edo outside my family.

Aww hey!! And what is it that you want to know?




Great blog! Plus you are just too cute. I am glad you love your culture.

Aww thank you!!!

how far is w. georgia from uga? i go to clemson and we just invited them for our ACSA event and we are headed to theirs this weekend. we might want to work with yall in the future!

Aww that would be awesome! Unfortunately we are about 2 hours and 20 minutes from them, but we will be there this weekend as well.

I was at the west GA African might. It was amazing!!!!!! I haven't been to Nigeria in over 12 years, i felt at home.

Awww really? Thats wonderful to hear! I’m glad you enjoyed :)

Awww your my "first", thanks for the follow. Lol. PS: digging your tumblr and you're such a hottie ;)

Haha thanks!

can you make a tab full of your beautiful natives?

Sure I’ll make it next week on my break!

University of West Georgia’s African Night
A correct Edo babe along with a Yoruba beauty lol.
University of West Georgia’s African Night
But we are one #Tanzania #Ghana #Nigeria #africannight2k13 @samedthegreat @irene_palmer
When Edo and Igbo meets its called a Cultural Fusion. #UWG @chinweamara
I’m God’s gift, the apple of his eye. Thanking Him for allowing me to see another year! Happy birthday to me 🙏😊💗2⃣0⃣
I Really love your blog. follow me and see my blog. And your really pretty.

Thank you! and OK

Was clearly feeling myself on Saturday!
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